Golf-Knowledgeable Labor
at Your Fingertips

GOLF BNCH is a technology-driven staffing solution helping facilities recruit and schedule golf-knowledgeable labor in an on-demand gig economy. Our technology instantly connects you with a tailored, certified labor force to manage tasks and projects more efficiently. 


Outsourcing Outside Ops

Hiring Now.

"Tap" Into Labor.

Improve Results.

A shared pool of labor eliminates the recruiting headache. Full-time positions are replaced with more budget-friendly gig labor so you can execute tasks and projects more efficiently, right now.

With recruiting, pre-screening and certifications handled for you, all that's left is securing labor thru the app. Golf-knowledgeable labor at your fingertips, when you need it most.

The applications are tailored, designed to improve your overall golf operation. Increase staff efficiency, improve course conditions, and enhance the member experience.  


Looper On-Demand

Clubs are always looking for ways to improve the member experience. We believe the best way to play golf is walking. With Looper-On-Demand, you can offer caddies and make it The Best Walk in Golf.

Part of our mission is to bring youth back to the game of golf, and one way we are doing that is by certifying each person on the GOLF BNCH as a caddie. We set the standard for certifications with BNChMARk LMS - our proprietary, 10-course online Learning Management series developed by professional caddies, and featuring all aspects of caddying. Ongoing certification requirements ensure our BNCH personnel leave a lasting impression on your members and guests.

Caddie-Certified labor provides a foundation for a strong caddie program. If you are looking to start a caddie program, GOLF BNCH and Looper On-Demand from CaddieNow presents the perfect opportunity. Support youth, improve the member experience, and protect the caddie tradition.

Labor In-Demand, On-Demand

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